WOD COIN -World On Demand Coin- 6 / 20 / 2018 0:00 Pre Sell Start ■ DETAILS OF WOD ICO ■
■ INFORMATION ■ 2019.1.19 please scroll We have an important notice to WOD Token purchasers.

Upon the distribution of WOD Token,
we have sent an email to all purchasers.
However, we have not been able to make contact with many purchasers.

To WOD Token purchasers who have not received the email,
we kindly ask you to send an email to the below address.


WOD Tokens will be burned if there is no contact by Jan 31st, 2019.

In the case the WOD Tokens are burned,
refund requests will not be accepted in any circumstan
2018.1.10 Three years since its establishment, we celebrated its 3rd anniversary. ■ Breakdown of Token Raised by Region ■ What's
The mission of WOD is to contribute to Nepal’s better future.
With the app World TV GO, WOD will be widely recognized
in Asia and the rest of the world which will lead to increase of value
of WOD.There are over 5 million Nepali migrant workers mainly in Asia.
WOD has the potential to become the remittance currency for these
Nepali migrant workers.The long term goal of WOD is to be utilized in
Nepal’s infrastructure projects such as hydropower plants and highway
construction.Nepal is a growing country with unlimited potential.
WOD will be the key in Nepal’s growth and future.
Establish a trustable community within
the WOD app using blockchain technology
As a user-to-user network, combined with a distributed
time-stamping servers, blockchain databases can be
managed autonomously to exchange information
between the WOD users. Each user’s reputation and
digital identity will be stored and managed in the
blockchain.Usage example: Sports Prediction Platform
within WOD
WOD Coin as a payment method Until cryptocurrency payment becomes legal in each
jurisdiction, WOD will be used as points. After becoming
legal, WOD will be converted into to cryptocurrency
from points.
Tipping platform Users will be able to upload their own movies to share
within the WOD community. WOD Coin will be used as
‘’Like’’ or as Tip from user to user. Once cryptocurrency
payment regulation allows, users will be able to distribute
original movies and be paid in WOD coins.

Engineering Graduates
Vusvesvaraya Technological Unicersily.
Kamataka India Tokyo Unicersily Japan

Areas of Excellence

OTT,Mobile TV,IPTV | Digital TV | Enterorise Software |
Advanced Encoding, Tramscoding, HEVC, 4K, 8K |
Content Delivery Network, Network Infrastycture Planning |
Cloud Services | Middleware Software | loT, Internet of Things |
Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Systems | Digital Security |
Social Media | Smart Grid | Big Data | VR, Virtual Reality

Digital Media:
Content Syndication, Packaging, Distribution |
Monetizing Digital Media | Pay TV Bisomess |
Ad Network Platform | Social Media | Broadcast Management |
Studio Management | Internet VIdeo

Business and Administration:
Startup acceleration & Globalization | Leading Change |
Deceloping New Business Plans, Sales Leadership |
Managing Budget and P&Ls | Redesigning Business Process |
Forming Strategic Alliances | Strategic Planning |
Quality Control | Team Management / HR | Project
Management | Innocation Management

Chairman and Managing Director
TBi Group Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
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